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Welcome to Quirky Love, where we celebrate the beauty of neurodiversity and the journey of autism with warmth and wisdom. Join Celeste Easter, a devoted mom to two extraordinary sons on the spectrum, as she shares heartfelt stories, practical advice, and valuable resources to empower and inspire families. Dive into the pages of Celeste's book, "Quirky Love: Embracing Our Autism Journey," a labor of love that offers insights, laughter, and encouragement for every step of the way. Ready to embark on this journey with us? Order your copy now and let's embrace the quirks together! Click the link below to get started. 📚💕.Proudly published by Bridge Builder Books Publishing LLC.

Welcome to Moments with Mama Katie: Be Encouraged 30 Week Devotion, where each day is an invitation to deepen your faith and embrace the divine in everyday life.

This devotional guide offers a rich tapestry of daily and weekly devotions, paired with reflective journaling activities designed to help you walk in faith, cultivate gratitude, and embrace wholeness.

Explore themes such as embracing divine confidence, recognizing your heavenly citizenship, and finding sanctuary in faith. Each week, you'll discover new insights and engage in activities that foster spiritual growth and a deeper connection with God. From understanding God's promises to seeking His presence, our guide is your companion on a journey of continuous engagement and transformation.

Join us and experience the transformative power of walking with God every day, nurturing your spirit, and embracing the infinite possibilities that come with a life of faith.

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