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Bridge Builder Books LLC

Words on a page.  Information. Emotions. Endless. Limited. One. Ten thousand. Words have the ability to be everything and nothing at all inside of one single sentence.  They all cannot be captured.  They all cannot be understood.  However, Bridge Builder Books exists to become a platform to give those words that bring laughter, love, healing and knowledge a home.  We will be a trusted source in communities across the globe connecting each other to our past, present and future.

Founded in 2016 by CEO and President Celeste Easter, Bridge Builder Books has several new and exciting projects releasing Fall of 2017 and Winter of 2018.  Please review the icons below for more information as well as to purchase your copy today!

Lonnie the Little Lost Book

Created to take children on a fun adventure while teaching them how to care for their books.  Lonnie the Little Lost Book is an interactive series that every teacher, media center and librarian needs!   Free Book Hero Cape when you subscribe to our email list for additional resources and latest releases.

Quirky (eBook).jpg

Quirky Love: Embracing Our Autism Journey

Our journey with autism.  Created to help mothers along the way.  No one likes that sick feeling in your stomach when you think you can't help your child.  Quirky Love: Embracing our Autism Journey explores the paths and obstacles this mom faced navigating the school system and psychiatric testing services.  

Moments with Mama Katie

Having imparted wisdom into hundreds if not thousands over the last 35 years, Katie is simply known as Mama Katie for her gift and ministry to pray and speak into one's life as only a mother can.  Whether you never knew your mother, recently lost her or she is your very best friend, Moments with Mama Katie, Be Encouraged 30 Week Devotion is just the devotion you need to be lifted and changed by love.  PRE-ORDERS BEGIN ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2024

To Thine Own Self Be True


When lies lead you down a destructive path that could easily have ruined countless lives,  this First Lady, Ordained Elder takes off the pretense and the lies to bare her soul in an amazing and beautiful redemption of love and learning To Thine Own Self Be True.  Her journey will inspire you and leave you recognizing the true exchange of beauty for ashes.  

Tre The Aviator


Planes, planes and planes.  His passion for aviation takes him further and further into fulfilling his goal of becoming a pilot and an engineer that will change lives.  Aviation is not just an industry, it's his heart and Tre will share his favorite planes with you.

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