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So what's stopping me from bending it like Beckham?  Well, on any given day, I can barely pick it up like Betty White.  The soccer picture is one of my favorites.  Why?  It reminds me that I can have whatever I want.  The only person in my way is me.  No.  I don't play.  To tell the truth, I am exhausted just watching soccer.  They run 90 minutes straight...easy.  I would like to run...9 minutes without having to call for an oxygen tank.  

Now, have I been active before? Yes.  Can I be active again? Yes.  Our challenge is the excuses.  Find something that is going to motivate you past all of the reasons you say you can't.  Maybe you need to pull out that picture of you in your old high school varsity jacket.  Maybe you need to take a new picture of yourself looking active and give your self a reason to get motivated and keep your head in the work out game.

This is my challenge. I can come up with 8,000 excuses as to why I don't want to work out.  My decision however is to break up with excuses once and for all.  Say goodbye and treat them like that ex-boyfriend you never want to see or hear from again because you are so through.  When that voice tells you:

  • Not today.  I'm tired.

  • Does it count if I put on the workout clothes?

  • What about if I watch the workout?

  • You can't play soccer anyway so why bother?


And all the other excuses come flooding in, it's time to talk to yourself and get hard core.


  1. I have to

  2. I don't have another option

  3. 5 minutes or 15 or something.  NOTHING IS NEVER AN OPTION

The #21dayworkout challenge is all about that.  Blocking excuses for 21 days and having some type of physical activity for 21 days straight.  Can you do it?  

YES.  Why?  Because we choose to Live Without Excuses.  Join me and breakup today! 

Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Post your sweaty pictures or just shout out #ex2cuses #livewithoutexcuses #21dayworkoutchallenge

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